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Cities Where Amazon Sells the Most Stuff

Apparently, Amazon releases a list of “the Most Well-Read Cities in America.”
However, the ranking only combines physical and Kindle sales of books, magazines, and newspapers purchased from Amazon. I don’t doubt that Amazon sales are correlated with overall reading levels. But I suspect that by measuring reading in this way, Amazon conflates reading and wealth. It’s a bit disingenuous to suggest that reading doesn’t happen outside of Amazon’s basin. The Top Cities in American Where Amazon Sells the Most Stuff List doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. Overall, a nice bit of PR bait and I certainly bit the hook.

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Hate the Player, Not the Game (Arbitrator Edition)

Major League Baseball reminds us that no one really cares about due process. Only outcomes matter.

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Don’t Know Much About Apple TV

Time Warner Cable’s CEO doesn’t know about the Apple TV’s AirPlay feature – but at least he does know about the Apple TV. I guess that’s something. It’s like Sony’s CEO knowing about the iPod, but not the iTunes Music Store.

The story isn’t just on tech blogs like Bits and Daring Fireball, I’m getting email about it too. There’s an absurdity here. A laugh that can’t be passed up.

Maybe unawareness of this sort pervades companies. Maybe someone should see if Yahoo’s leadership (do they have a leadership?) is aware of GMail? I wonder if anyone at Barnes and Noble knows about the Kindle? Don’t rush to @reply them, I bet they know.

I don’t think it’s Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt’s fault. I blame the near-monopolistic conditions that most cable companies operate under. Innovation almost certainly requires competition or at least the threat of competition.

I might be just like Glenn Britt...

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