Mountain Lion has poked its head over the horizon and we’ve all read the latest John Siracusa magnum opus.


But now it’s time to turn our fruit fly attention spans to OS X 10.9. The big cats are gone some have said. Others (like Siracusa) just hope they will be. Yet, Apple has committed to an annual release schedule of OS X and names of some kind will be needed.

And that’s where ocelot crawls in.

Perhaps you think the ocelot is too small or too cartoonish to stand in line after the regal Lions. Perhaps.

But perhaps you haven’t considered that their exists a ready-made theme song from Phish – waiting to accompany the release:

Ocelot! Ocelot!
Where have you gone?
Morning is over
and noon slouches on.

There are lyrics that imply an improved Siri:

Ocelot! Ocelot!
Where are you now?
You never listen to me anyhow.

And the song includes lyrics which evoke social media:

Don’t be the only one left on the block
Come hide in the herd
and float with the flock.

Not to mention social gaming:

Ocelot! Ocelot!
Where have you gone?
(Won’t you come out to play?).

Apple has used U2 as well as countless chanteuses for their ad campaigns. I think it’s time for a band with a meaningful tie to technology and the Internet. It’s time for Apple to wrap itself in some good old fashioned hippy-nerd rock.


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